A New Way To Lift And Level A Home

A New Way To Lift And Level A Home

Saskatchewan has a long history of creating innovative products and services. One would be surprised as some of the inventions that were created in Saskatchewan such as Canola and Canola Oil, the ATM, Easy Off Cleaner, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, Telecommunications for the Chunnel in England and even drones were created by inventors in Saskatchewan. Now EZLift, a division of Eco Concrete Levelling, has created a patent-pending process to lift and level homes. 

The process is done using polyurethane, the innovation is in the process by which a home is raised and levelled. Depending on the reason for the home to sink or settle, traditional methods are can be very invasive inside or outside the home, extremely expensive, and time-consuming. Various methods are used depending on the situation such as foundation waterproofing, wall straightening or bracing, installation of knee or pony walls, grade beams or piles. 

Traditional Method

Prior to the development of EZLift’s patent-pending process the ability to raise most homes was cost-prohibitive for homeowners. Leaving most homeowners without any option other than to take a loss on the value of their home.

EZlift’s process of lifting and levelling homes is done from the inside of the home. Using polyurethane foam, the home is lifted and levelled. The process is less expensive, engineer certified and can be done quicker than traditional methods. To ensure the ground is stable the company uses a process called Deep Foamjection™ which acts like tree roots and stabilizes the soil deep under the home. The company is one of only a few companies in Canada that is certified to use Deep Foamjection™. Specially manufactured polyurethane foam is driven down through pipe systems to various depths as required. The material is introduced into the subterranean environment as a premixed liquid. When the liquid solidifies into a foam underground, it acts like Mother Nature’s tree root system to:

- Expand to compact week soil areas

- Fills Voids

- Binds Soils

This process stabilizes and strengthens the environment mitigating the root causes of a structure, home foundation or concrete pad from settling. At a time when Saskatchewan is feeling the pitch, it's nice to see that innovation is alive an well in Saskatchewan.

EZ Lift is a division of Eco Concrete Levelling Ltd. Eco Concrete Levelling is a Saskatchewan based company founded by Jon and Bud Anderson. The Company’s partner, HMI in the United States, provides the latest in polyurethane foams and leads the industry in safety, training and product development. If you are interested in having your home lifted and home levelled, contact EZLift at 306-552-LIFT (5438)