A Properly Functioning Attic

A Properly Functioning Attic

Are you planning to renovate, upgrade or redesign your home this summer? Whether you are updating your home’s exterior, getting a new furnace, changing the windows or getting the shingles replaced, you’re changing the way your home performs. These changes can create unwanted side effects.

We've all heard the old saying "renovations lead to more renovations." Sometimes, homeowners feel overwhelmed by the financial stress of renovating. Most times, renovations can be systematically ordered so they are more efficiently completed. 

At Ultimate Insulation, we pride ourselves in helping home and property owners efficiently plan renovations that affect the building envelope of the home. Every time you change something in a house — from windows, doors, furnace, range vents to siding — you've changed the way the home functions.

These changes have all been made with good intentions of making the home more energy efficient. However, these changes must be balanced. The area we see most often affected by these changes is the attic space.

Attic spaces require three components to properly function: a vapour barrier, insulation and adequate ventilation. If just one of these components fails, the result ranges from condensation to mold to complete structural failure. You may jeopardize all the hard work and money you've put into those very renovations. As attic experts, we can create detailed reports that include thermal imaging, roof assessment and structural integrity. We can also address the issues your home faces by properly designing a custom attic system specific to your needs.

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