Achieving Financial Wellbeing With Thrive Wealth Management

Achieving Financial Wellbeing With Thrive Wealth Management

We all want to make the right financial decisions for the future. Whether that’s saving for a child’s college education, investing for retirement or purchasing a vacation home. I believe the right wealth management professional can help you and your family achieve your multi-year financial goals.   

A bit of background: Thrive Wealth Management was formed in 2017 when two Saskatchewan Credit Unions (Conexus Credit Union and Cornerstone Credit Union) merged their wealth management offerings. As a result, Thrive now serves 17,000 clients across our province from Yorkton to Prince Albert.

Credit Unions are different from conventional big Canadian banks in terms of reporting requirements and profit motives. Credit Unions operate as not-for-profit organizations designed to serve their members and support local communities. According to the Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA), each year Credit Unions give back an average of four per cent of pre-tax profits to local community organizations.

I believe that Credit Unions do a terrific job with personal day-to-day banking and commercial banking. I’m always amazed by the remarkable loyalty scores that Saskatchewan’s Credit Unions receive from their members.

While Thrive is a relatively new business, our wealth professionals draw on decades of experience in Saskatchewan’s communities. This team can work directly with you to fulfill your wealth goals and dreams.

Who are Thrive’s clients? We have clients referred to us by our Credit Union partners. Plus we have new clients who appreciate the full spectrum of wealth management services offered, combined with Thrive’s Credit Union roots and values.  

Recently I’ve been asked about robo-advice (which is online investment advice with little human intervention). While I think a well-informed investor who has done plenty of research could use robo-advice, studies show individual investors are much better served by a real-life wealth professional. Especially during uncertain economic times, a professional wealth advisor is critical for sound financial decision-making.

One issue that has a big impact on Saskatchewan is the inter-generational transfer of wealth, particularly in the agricultural sector. The average age of a farmer is 56 years old and our province has the largest average farm size of any Canadian province at approximately 1,600 acres. Transferring a family farm between generations involves a significant amount of commercial and agricultural know-how, the type of know-how that Thrive’s wealth professionals have.     

I encourage you to find out more about Thrive Wealth Management and how our wealth professionals can help you and your family on your financial journey.

David Bullock is Chief Executive Officer of Thrive Wealth Management, a local, credit union-owned wealth management company. David has more than 20 years of experience in asset management, investments and financial client services.  (David’s photo is the B&W shot – ensure it’s large enough)

Thrive Wealth Management

Locations in Assiniboia, Humboldt, Moose Jaw, Moosomin, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, Tisdale and Yorkton with the ability to serve 33 additional communities in Saskatchewan.


By Elizabeth Ireland