Calling All Entrepreneurs: Life Coaching Based On Personal Experience

Calling All Entrepreneurs: Life Coaching Based On Personal Experience

Jacqueline Almeida is a New Yorker by birth and in her heart. She is also a dynamic and inspirational woman with a true story of heroism and success.

In 1993, Jacqueline moved to Canada as a single mother with her two children. With virtually no support, she was determined to make it in her new country. Despite the many unexpected circumstances that life presented her with (including a divorce in 2010), she held on to her unwavering beliefs. Jacqueline believes that in this life we all embark on something greater than ourselves and learning to navigate through the tough terrain is what catapults us into the path of success.

Today Jacqueline owns and operates a Saskatoon-based career and life coaching business called Speaking You. She is also Safe + Sound Exteriors’ Brand Ambassador and team coach.

Jacqueline draws from her 20 years of experience as a mentor and coach, assisting and encouraging people to find their direction and destiny in life — and to succeed. She draws insight and wisdom not only from her personal experience in overcoming struggles, but also from the growth of her own clients. One of those clients is her son, Giuseppe, whose zeal in starting his own roofing business is amazing to hear about.

Jacqueline believes the great majority of people live their lives feeling trapped by their circumstances, believing “this is as good as it gets,” and letting themselves remain in a mediocre space. The idea of success seems too far-fetched or they are afraid of going after it. These people wonder “What if I fail? What if I can’t do it? What if I have no support?” These “what ifs” become loud and relentless.

Jacqueline possesses an innate ability to really listen to her clients’ fears, to ask the pertinent questions, and to give the needed attention that her clients require for their individual journeys. She is gifted in helping her clients by offering to each the permission needed to grow, to doubt, to wrestle and question, with no rush and no judgment. Jacqueline brings understanding and empathy so that her clients — courageously and with self-confidence — are able to make decisions that will help them move from mediocre to outstanding!

New Program for Entrepreneurs

This fall, Jacqueline will be sharing her hard-won wisdom through a new program for Saskatoon entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized business owners in partnership with Safe + Sound Exteriors. This program will be one year long and combine monthly classes with one-on-one coaching sessions. Entrepreneurs from any industry are welcome and Jacqueline particularly encourages women to join the program.

A few of the topics included in the program are:

·         Growing your business

·         Casting vision

·         Challenging negative self-talk

·         Overcoming limited beliefs

Contact Jacqueline to find out more about Speaking You’s career and life coaching services, or to register for her upcoming program for aspiring entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized business owners.

Jacqueline Almeida, M.A. Leadership and Management

Speaking You