Creating Longevity — One Home at a Time

Creating Longevity — One Home at a Time

Giuseppe Almeida, owner and operator of Safe + Sound Exteriors, began the company seven years ago at the age of 23 when he found himself in a precarious life situation. Sharing custody of his two-year-old daughter, he was jobless (although experienced as a roofer) and had the added responsibility of supporting his mother who was going through a divorce. Giuseppe’s situation stirred in him the courage to try something new.

Out of dire necessity came creativity. Armed with just a nail gun, an air compressor, unrelenting tenacity and compelling determination, he founded what at that time was only a roofing company. “We are grateful to our amazing customers who have supported us over the years to build what was once only a roofing company to now an all exteriors and interiors business,” says Giuseppe.

After almost a decade in business, Safe + Sound Exteriors has a lot to be proud of. In our third year of existence, the company grew 100 per cent and in its fourth year, it grew another 450 per cent. Today, we are looking to continue this growth. During the construction season, the company has four crews in action (with two to four labourers per crew) at any given time.

Their industry has often been challenged by a poor reputation and this has made homeowners cautious and skeptical of who they hire. At Safe + Sound Exteriors, they strive every day to change this reputation.

What makes Safe + Sound Exteriors stand apart? Our values.

Conscientiousness: We are thorough, effective and transparent. Our estimates include a full cost breakdown from shingles to nails and even caulking.

Excellence: Our team demonstrates true craftsmanship. They truly connect to their work and it shows. Safe + Sound Exteriors strives to be different and ahead of the curve in exterior trends.

Growth: Each Monday, over coffee at a motivational meeting, our team refocuses on the company’s vision and values. At these meetings, everyone on the team is challenged to grow personally via a monthly book, weekly quotes and any other resources to enhance personal development.

Safety: Customers’ reviews note our professionalism, promptness and high level of safety awareness.

By June we will be fully COR® certified by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) for our occupational health and safety practices. COR® is endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) and includes regular health and safety audits after certification.

Out of hardship came possibility, and today we are very proud of our company’s beginnings and how far we’ve come. From the beginning, Giuseppe has had a vision for the company. We focus on our vision — to create longevity in every home we work on. Our mandate is to ensure our products, services, warranties and workmanship are always at a high standard.

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By Elizabeth Ireland