Dive in & Feel the Pleasure of a Pool

Dive in & Feel the Pleasure of a Pool

Ellis Pools and Construction Ltd. provides unparalleled service, manufacturing quality and peace of mind to ensure swimming pool ownership is a happy experience for generations of satisfied customers. “I’ve built pools for people, and years later I’m building pools for their children, because they grew up with it,” says Mark Ellis. “Typically, once you’ve had a pool, you’re going to want a pool.”

Four decades ago, Ellis started building and servicing in-ground swimming pools across southern Saskatchewan. He still loves bringing pleasure to clients by installing ideal, customized pools for each person’s home. “To see the looks on their faces is a wonderful feeling, and through the years, many of them have become friends.”

According to Ellis, when he and his staff meet a new client, they assess the property and determine what pool is best for the client’s needs. His team accounts for municipal bylaws and considers how much the pool will be used, whether young children will swim in it, and what sort of security protocols are necessary. “We talk about safety and whether they want a cover,” he says. “A cover helps keep accidents from happening, because you can’t really get into the pool unless you know the keypad code.”

Once the customer picks a pool, the Ellis Pools crew gets to work, coordinating with excavators, concrete and electrical contractors and landscapers to build a beautiful addition to any property. Affordable rates, prompt project completion and attention to detail characterize every job.

Ellis Pools builds pools in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Automated LED lighting helps make one’s personal outdoor oasis a focal point during warm Saskatchewan summer evenings. Ellis installs indoor pools as well. “There are many different considerations when you go indoors,” he adds. “You need proper ventilation and the building must be to or above code, because a pool introduces humidity into the building’s environment.”

Pool technology has evolved much over the years, with different kinds of filtration systems, robotic vacuums and saltwater chlorination generators, notes Ellis. These advancements minimize pool maintenance, meaning contemporary pool owners need only spend a few minutes a day tending to their pools. Ellis Pools sells it all.

Servicing is another key part of the business, and aside from selling a complete line of chemicals and parts, Ellis Pools crews provide cleaning and maintenance. Crews replace liners as well, giving one’s pool a whole new look.

An online gallery (reginaswimmingpools.ca) showcases many beautifying Ellis-built pools. The website is also an easy means to contact the company for a free quote. “All you have to do is go on the website, or you can give us a call, or email us. The website has all that information,” says Ellis.

Ellis has built approximately 600 swimming pools throughout his career. He looks forward to building many more pools in the years ahead, and seeing the joy it brings to new generations of pool owners. “We are proud of every pool we do. We really want people to enjoy their investment.”

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By Carter Haydu