Helping Others With A Gift Of Otherworldly Intuition

Helping Others With A Gift Of Otherworldly Intuition

In a world that values hard facts and scientific data, we often forget about the power of feeling. Our five senses help us navigate the world around us, but an oft-ignored sixth sense, intuition, connects us to something that lies beyond. For Angela Gehl, she’s always known the power of something bigger. She knew she had a gift, an otherworldly intuition, since she was young.

In 2011, Angela moved to Saskatoon for a fresh start. With three small children, she needed a career with a flexible schedule. She knew the readings she had been doing for friends had potential to be a great business, so she put up a Facebook page along with one ad for psychic readings on Kijiji. Within a month she had 30 clients. Those clients quickly multiplied into 20 to 30 clients per week.

Today she’s the busiest psychic in the Saskatoon area. Despite her lack of advertising, people and press alike seek out Angela. It’s all word of mouth. Her 34,000 Facebook fans, along with her regular clients, gush about how Angela has helped them. “It has been a true blessing. You and your gift have changed not just my life, but the lives of everyone I love for the better,” client Melodie enthuses. If glowing reviews like this one aren’t enough to turn a skeptic into a believer, a reading likely will be.

People come to Angela for many reasons. Sometimes they’re looking for closure; sometimes they’re looking for answers. She helps people connect with loved ones who passed in tragic or unexpected circumstances, ranging from finding information about lost passwords and wills to making sure loved ones are no longer in pain. Those who are unlucky in love also seek her out for guidance for matters of the heart, including whether they will find true love or if their relationship will survive a rough patch.

Angela also offers life coaching. “People are so busy trying to stay afloat that they don’t have time to figure out what the right path for them is,” Angela says. Her insight provides an extra edge that other life coaches can’t compete with when it comes to making career or money moves. Clients come to her from all over the world for one-on-one sessions which are available in person at her downtown Saskatoon office or via phone, FaceTime or Skype.

Entrepreneurs and corporate clients can also benefit from her insights. Her skills are sought after by companies in a variety of industries, including helping law firms with jury selection, navigating the housing market for real estate agents, as well as forecasting for other corporate and business matters.

Though all her clients keep her busy, she volunteers her services to Canadian and international law enforcement in missing persons and cold case files. To date, she has helped find more than 300 missing persons worldwide, with her specialty being those lost to human trafficking. “It’s draining work,” says Angela, who spends countless hours profiling, “but it’s also the most rewarding.”

Angela’s work is a powerful reminder that there is something bigger than us. Perhaps a reading with her could give you the guidance you need to move forward in love, life or business.

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By Jenni Lawrence