Improving The Lives Of Dogs & Cats

Improving The Lives Of Dogs & Cats

It has been 11 years since Connie Buchanan took a courageous leap and left her elementary school teaching position to pursue her greatest passion with her husband, Randy: bettering the lives of dogs and cats.

Zoom Zoom Groom started with an idea and a whole lot of love. Initially a mobile-only grooming business, Zoom Zoom Groom continues to expand and stay current. By offering services such as Thera-Clean for our pets’ skin issues, grooming certification with their schoolApex Academy of Professional Grooming and Animal Arts, and recently going live with two new websites ( and ), Zoom Zoom Groom is the premiere destination for Regina’s furry, domesticated citizens. Zoom Zoom Groom has every service that pet owners want and need, but that isn’t enough for many of us. Since dogs and cats are extensions of our families, we want to be assured that they are given the best treatment possible. There isn’t a doubt when it comes to trusting The Buchanans and their staff.

You wouldn’t know how many achievements and accolades she has received because, well, Connie is not a horn-tooter. Her humility is refreshing. Sure, she has the certifications and awards as validation, but it is her pure intentions and personality that puts people and their pets at ease.“If I know in my heart that we're doing the best we can (and yes, we may make mistakes), that everything we put out is from the heart and it's a passion, then at the end of the day, I can say I did my job,” says Connie.“ Understanding the why is essential. Why are we doing this? Answer: to make the lives of dogs and cats better. The why is strong.” Like Connie, Zoom Zoom Groom is filled with passionate and accomplished staff (all groomers are certified) who leave your dog or cat looking and feeling better than when they arrived. It’s the combination of quality education and exceptional service that keeps clients coming back on a regular basis.

Most recently, Zoom Zoom Groom is placing their magnifying glass over skin and coat care. This is the reason they bought the Thera-Clean system—the only one in the city! Whether stemming from breeding, food, environmental or a combination of issues, more and more dogs are coming in with skin issues, and pet owners are at a loss as to help their loyal canines. This is where Connie and her crew bring out the Thera-Clean and transform into magicians. Quite simply, the Thera-Clean system is a machine that uses billions and billions of micro-bubbles that penetrate below the skin’s surface into the pores and hair follicles. Bacteria, fungus, skunk odors, infections, allergens and dander are no match for these tiny bubbles. They attach themselves to the foreign materials and unleash their negative charge to create great results. It’s called science, and it works. Whether it is skin or coat issues, pursuing your dreams of being a certified groomer, or simply wanting your dog or cat to look and feel their best, Zoom Zoom Groom is just a phone call away. Stop in for a visit, grab some treats, and see why it’s a business that feels like home.

Zoom Zoom Groom

1180 Winnipeg Street