K2 Electric – Your South Saskatchewan Solar Specialist: Let The Sunshine In!

K2 Electric – Your South Saskatchewan Solar Specialist: Let The Sunshine In!

After starting his own business seven years ago, K2 Electric’s owner Kyle Parker is often asked “Why go solar?” He almost always answers “Why not?”

Kyle is a journeyman electrician based out of White City, just east of Regina. Kyle and his team focus on solar power installations. “It's better for the environment, it drastically reduces power bills and we just happen to live in the sunniest province in Canada.”

Interestingly, the countries that use the most solar power in the world are Germany, Italy, China, the United States and Japan — essentially developed and industrialized countries with large populations. “Germany has 30 per cent less sunlight than Saskatchewan and they are still huge into solar power. Our province really is the perfect place to do it,” says Kyle.

With a primary focus on residential work, Kyle had some experience doing installs and the electrical on solar projects. The more solar installations he completed, the more interest he developed in the overall industry and its benefits. Kyle has since gone to numerous solar conferences to expand his knowledge and expertise on the subject.

In Saskatchewan, homeowners are eligible for a one-time SaskPower rebate for solar power until November 30, 2018. This rebate is equivalent to 20 per cent of equipment and installation costs to a maximum payment of $20,000.

With certain solar technologies becoming more widespread, K2 Electric focuses on using the most common type — solar photovoltaic — which is also known as solar PV. Solar PV technology uses solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity.

K2 Electric offers its clients the option of roof-mounted panels or ground-mounted panels. The majority of the company’s solar power clients are residential. Kyle’s typical client wants to reduce their family’s carbon footprint and save money in the long-term. A carbon footprint is defined as the total emissions caused by an individual or organization expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent.  

As someone with a young family of his own, it's important to Kyle to provide affordable solar power to Regina and the surrounding area. He emphasizes how solar power can minimize power costs as power prices continue to increase. In fact, the average rate of increase for the last 40 years in Saskatchewan is a staggering six per cent a year.

“The efficiency of solar panels is definitely changing. It’s getting better and better each year, with little to no maintenance for homeowners. While you will be reducing your carbon footprint and protecting yourself from rising power rates, there is also the added benefit of increasing your home’s value and the potential to sell it more quickly.”

Even though K2 Electric’s main focus is solar, Kyle and his team also offer clients all types of electrical work for residential and commercial properties anywhere in Saskatchewan.

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By Elizabeth Ireland