Life Made Easier: Summer Travel Essentials

Life Made Easier: Summer Travel Essentials

At Cravings maternity-baby-kids, we understand the stresses of travelling with toddlers and babies, no matter how extensive your trip might be. It’s summer time, so bring on the weekend adventures, camping excursions and beach days! However far you plan to travel and for however long you plan to stay, we have some travel essentials that will certainly make your adventures easier, less stressful and more enjoyable for all.

1. KidCo PeaPod Travel Bed

This is a must-have for parents with babies and toddlers! It’s lightweight, compact and easy to set up and take down — perfect for camping, at the beach, or in between destinations during pit stops to get some fresh air. The mesh fabric allows for air flow while still keeping the bugs at bay. The light weight sleeping pad ensures comfortable nap times on a variety of surfaces.

2. Skip Hop Style Driven Travel Activity Tray

Keeping kids entertained on long drives is not always easy, to say the least! This travel tray doubles as a hard/smooth surface for play activities and during snack time. With storage for crayons/markers and a strap to secure it around any car seat, this is a must-have for parents.

3. Britax View and Go Backseat Organizer

This is another one of those multi-purpose products. This backseat organizer holds an iPad and attaches to the back of the seat to keep kids entertained for those long road trips. The View and Go has large pockets to store books, colouring tools, toys and snacks — all organized and easily accessible for kids. This prevents mom and dad from constantly stopping, reaching in the backseat or climbing into the back to find items or retrieve toys from bags. 

4. Britax Seat Saver Waterproof Liner

What’s a road trip without a few missing cookies, a spilled sippy cup or an undetected soiled diaper? This Seat Saver Waterproof Liner is any parent’s best friend as it creates a water proof barrier in the child’s seat — keeping liquids and crumbs from going rogue. It is easily removed for a quick wipe and wash when need be and then back onto the car seat.

5. KidCo GoPod Travel Activity Seat

This invaluable travel activity seat is a perfect accessory for any parent with a busy baby — great for camping trips, day trips to the park or entertainment in a hotel room. The GoPod is lightweight and easily folds to pack up. With lots of storage to hold toys, a drink holder and a floor pad to keep baby’s feet clean, this really is a great travel accessory for parents.

Last, but certainly not least…

6. KidCo TravelPod Travel Play Yard

This lightweight play area is uniquely designed with mesh sides and easily zips up, folds and takes up very little space. The Play Yard comes with a soft mattress for that extra padding during nap time or while playing. Again, easy to set up and take down, it is very compact and portable for easy packing.

We encourage customers to visit us at CRAVINGS and let us show you firsthand how these travel essentials can make life easier, stress-free and happier for parents and kids. Be sure to visit us online, and get your summer underway.

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