LoveMJ: The Cannabis Cure

LoveMJ: The Cannabis Cure

With thousands of years of use in the traditional healing realm, it has only been in the last century that cannabis has been labelled a malicious drug. With tides turning in how society views cannabis, its medicinal properties cannot be denied — something Stacey Love, owner of LoveMJ Solutions knows first-hand. As a chemical and computer engineer, business owner, advocate and medicinal cannabis user, Stacey Loves’ introduction to the plant’s healing properties is a story many can relate to.

Suffering from endometriosis, Stacey was prescribed opiods for her pain. Finding no relief from the suffering, she was desperate for an alternative and was approved to join a pilot project in Calgary related to pain management. “As my pain became harder to manage I was doing more research on opiods; what I was finding was they are designed for short term use. Over time, they cause more harm than good and I needed a long term solution,” says Stacey.

With the program supporting the use of medical cannabis, Stacey put her education and research to good use and started to delve into learning as much as she could about the plant, its use for pain and shockingly, its ability in some cases to cure and heal the body. With Stacey’s GP approving only her at that time for a medical marijuana license, it was clear much work had to be done to further understand cannabis and how it could help others, especially females who suffered from the same issues.

As a scientist and researcher, Stacey was offering her findings and first-hand experience using prescribed cannabis to those in the medical community as they reached out to her to learn more. “It was a bit shocking. We think medical professionals would have access to all this information, but what I found was they were just as uninformed as the public,” she explains. The creation of her blog was in response to questions from medical professionals, which grew into information for people interested in medical marijuana or those curious just to learn more about the industry and how to be a part of it.

With more than 15 years of research and first-hand experience, Stacey has made it her job to assist and consult individuals using medical marijuana. Recognizing the vast reach of her own expertise combined with her husband’s knowledge as a light and power engineer, it was only a matter of time before they joined forces. Their engineering company, LovePS, partners with local experts to consult on the construction and operation of grow ops of all sizes across Canada. “We work with a wide range of growers from those at home wanting to maximize the value of their two plants, all the way to the commercial growers with huge warehouses who require energy optimization and power balancing,” Stacey adds.

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Stacey’s work has evolved into not only consulting with clients on how to mitigate and manage their pain with the correct dosage and strains of medical marijuana, but also working with small to large organizations on their internal policies around cannabis in the workplace. “My background has given me insight into the science and politics of cannabis, both of which are extremely relevant to all my clients wanting to learn more personally or professionally.”

For more information about Stacey Love, LoveMJ or LovePS visit her website.

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By Candace Fox