Mrs. Canada Globe 2018: Encouraging Empowerment

Mrs. Canada Globe 2018: Encouraging Empowerment

This past February, the Mrs. Canada Globe Pageant returned to Regina for a third year of glamour and glitz in support of a good cause. The entire event ran inside the annual What Women Want Show at Evraz Place.

“This is a real dream come true for a lot of these ladies, something on their bucket list,” says Kimberley Castle, national director for Mrs. Canada Globe and two-time winner (2013 and 2015). “It’s a way to do some work in the community and do something for themselves. And let's face it, we're all girls inside — it's nice to get in a gown and get on stage and shine and glam it up.”

The pageant is open to married women over 23 years of age and unmarried women over the age of 26. This year, more than 200 women applied, with 10 being selected from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Delegates are required to host at least one charitable fundraising event prior to the pageant, and this year’s final amount exceeded $10,000 — to be donated to the YOUR TIME Women’s Empowerment Foundation. The international Mrs. Globe pageant itself supports the WIN (Women in Need) Foundation.

Excitement built as special awards were handed out. Outgoing Mrs. Canada Globe 2017, Holly Weselowski from Saskatoon, emphasized: “Be authentic. Be real. Be who you are and it will take you a long way in life.”

Then came the big moment as Mrs. Toronto Globe, Urszula Ula, was crowned Mrs. Canada Globe 2018. A teacher by profession, Urszula was ecstatic: “I've always loved pageants. Mrs. Canada Globe is an amazing organization, and I just wanted to give back to my community. This tests me and my limits and makes me a better person. I encourage anyone else to find their passion and go after it.” Urszula will now represent our country at the Mrs. Globe pageant in China.

Ready for a challenge? Applications are open for Mrs. Canada Globe 2019, and can be found at

By Sherry Lee