Nature’s Way: Healthy, High-Quality Food For Cats & Dogs

Nature’s Way: Healthy, High-Quality Food For Cats & Dogs

For the four-legged members of your family, the Bone & Biscuit Co. carries the finest quality, natural pet food to help keep your fabulous feline or superb pouch happy and healthy into old age.

The Bone & Biscuit reviews food quality by evaluating the ingredients, manufacturing techniques and nutritional value of every product. “We offer naturally-based, healthy-balanced pet foods in raw, kibble, dehydrated, canned and freeze-dried forms,” says Laur’Lei Silzer, Regina store owner and manager. “The basic Bone & Biscuit principle is to provide top-quality information and awareness to our customers so they can make the best informed decision regarding their pet’s nutrition and health. After all, you are what you eat!”

“We diligently strive to ensure that our foods do not contain wheat, corn or soy, which can lead to irritations or allergies,” Silzer says, “and we watch the salt and sugar levels in our products.” According to Silzer, many of the Bone & Biscuit products are based on “ancestral diets” of pets — what they would eat as wolves or wildcats. By taking pets back to eating whole animals, including bones, and small amounts of fruits and veggies, dogs and cats return to a more natural eating pattern.

“Diets such as these can clear up quite a few allergies and related symptoms — weepy eyes, discolouration around the mouth, ear infections, hot spots, itchy paws, and so on. Plus, it gives them healthier coats, bones and joints, which all lead to the potential of living a longer and happier life.” Silzer adds: “Many ailments cats and dogs experience can also come from a lack of good bacteria in the gut, so when we meet pet parents who are dealing with health issues, we not only look at their pet’s dietary needs but address their supplement needs.”

Homeopathic remedies are growing in popularity with pet owners, suggests Silzer, especially when treating a pre-existing disease such as leaky gut or a kidney disorder. “Pre and probiotics are important in nutrient absorption, and an extra dose of good bacteria from a holistic probiotic supplement helps bring harmony back to the belly — the way nature intended.”

The Bone & Biscuit also carries an extensive range of “boutique” toys and accessories including an extensive line of harnesses, collars and leashes. Silzer says “We carry something for every size, breed and doggie/kitty stage of their lives. For that heavy chewer, ask about our basically indestructible toys.” They also carry a wide variety of seasonal clothing, including winter jackets and full snowsuits for those dogs needing extra warmth. For the “glorious feline in your life,” the Bone & Biscuit carries a range of toys and accessories, such as cat houses, cat grass and catnip planters, as well as cat drinking fountains. “Gone are the days of the ugly cat trees,” Silzer laughs.

Their Biscuit Bucks loyalty program allows shoppers to collect one point for each dollar spent. Once a shopper collects 500 points, he or she receives 10 per cent off a following purchase. Plus, they have frequent buyer programs on a variety of food lines where you can receive a free bag once you purchase a certain number of same-size bags. Silzer adds, “Every month, we have our ‘Bone-ifide deals,’ with certain percentages off accessories, treats or apparel, and deals on many of the most popular food lines. Be sure to check monthly as the deals are always changing.”

Bone & Biscuit is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, call or visit them online.

Bone & Biscuit Co.

300-2101 Quance Street East, Regina

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By Carter Haydu