Regina Fall Parade Of Homes

Regina Fall Parade Of Homes

The Fall Parade of Homes kicked off on September 15 and will run until October. Many new homes have been added since the Spring Parade of Homes. As always, the Parade features the best builders in Regina, once again putting on display the most modern home designs for 2019. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, seasoned, or just thinking about making a move you should take in the Fall Parade of Homes. This year’s Parade will showcase 70+ homes built by RRHBA home builders. The homes are featured in communities throughout Regina including, the Creeks, the Greens on Gardiner, Eastbrook on the Greens, Harbour Landing, Westerra, Kensington Greens, Pilot Butte, River Heights, and Maple Ridge.

Crawford is once again pleased to participate in the Fall Parade of Homes. We are excited to be showcasing ten homes in developments all around Regina. We have a home for everyone!

One of our featured houses is the 4820 East Primrose Green Drive Jaxon XL Show Home

Located in Eastbrook on the Greens, this 1800 square feet, two-storey, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths is a must-see. It is a contemporary styled home beautifully appointed with many amenities including a gourmet kitchen, a spa-like after the master retreat, a walk-in closet you could live in, fully landscaped yard complete with pergola, a man-cave in the garage and so much more! The Jaxon provides a glimpse into how we design and build all our homes big or small. The attention to detail and the thought that goes into our homes are outlined below.

Master Bedroom

When it comes to any bedroom, particularly the master bedroom, it is your personal retreat. Retreat from the long days of hard work, running the kids to their next practice or any other demands of a busy life. While it is one of the last rooms people tour when viewing a show home, it is one of the most satisfying rooms to decorate and design. What constitutes the perfectly designed and decorated bedroom is a matter of personal taste. Our show home features a master bedroom that takes advantage of lots of natural lightening and perfectly position ceiling lighting that banishes shadows. The light is enough to make it cherry, spacious and plenty of extra light to enjoy some light reading before falling asleep.

The colour used in our master bedroom sets the tone, creates the mood and evokes emotion. A warm combination of light colours provides a tranquil and calming effect. Judge for yourself when you visit the show home.

Completing the master bedroom is a beautiful walk-in closet and a large master bathroom continuing the light tones from the bedroom. The attention to detail in this show home is the attention to detail we place in all our homes.

Gourmet Kitchen

Whatever the size of your home, the kitchen is the room in which the most time is spent. Whether preparing food for your family or entertaining others, the kitchen has become central to both. When designing the perfect kitchen for our homes, we know the biggest issues with any kitchen is not only how it performs when you’re cooking but its visual impact to guests, especially in an open plan. The perfect layout is vitally important in designing the perfect kitchen.

In this show home, much like other designs we’ve created in other homes, we match the kitchen layout to the flow of the home. In this home, we have an open-plan. The kitchen is linear in nature flowing openly into the dining ara.

The Living Room

In the homes we create, we understand that the living room is just that – for living. The right amount of light, the right layout and the right amount of space allows our customers the perfect canvass from which to create their perfect living space.

Entry Way

You know what they say about first impressions. When deciding the perfect entryway, we want people to say "Wow”. While we can’t anticipate what brings the “WOW” out in everyone, we try to do this in the entryway and throughout the home and every home we build.


When we design basements we design them for our clients to be able to turn the basement into a living space. Again, natural lighting is critical to support this objective. Hence our basement are built in our homes with the objective of making it feel like the main floor living room.

The Man’s Cave – The Garage

When building homes we know that people will have different ideas of what a garage should be. It is our job to create the right amount of space to ensure that our customers can create the functionality and the look they want. In this show home, the man cave that we created gave careful consideration to flooring, lighting and climate control.

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We hope you’ll take in the Jaxon XL show home when you tour the Fall Parade of Homes. We have a number of show homes in the Parade that reflect our principles of design and the quality we put into all the homes we build including YOURS!

Crawford is a family-owned company. Crawford Homes Ltd. has been building homes in Regina for 41 years. During the time, Crawford has built over 5000 homes. To see other Crawford show homes in the Fall Parade of Homes go to