Say “I Do” To Wearing The Highest Quality Jewellery

Say “I Do” To Wearing The Highest Quality Jewellery

Choosing an engagement or wedding ring is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make on the path to “I do.” White or yellow gold? Solitaire or halo? Diamond or a coloured stone?

At Fire & Ice Custom Jewellery, designers Christopher Neil and Ryan Eberts provide expertise on everything from stone quality to tension setting to hand engraving — and create stunning one-of-a-kind pieces. “Whether the piece is simple or very unique, we are creating the best quality that jewellery can achieve,” says Christopher.

Christopher and Ryan opened Fire & Ice Custom Jewellery in 2005. With backgrounds in art and machining and more than two decades of experience as goldsmiths, they take pride in bringing their clients’ vision to life. “We create designs that are personal,” says Ryan. “When you’re getting a custom piece it might take a little longer, but in the end, the quality of the product is light years ahead of what’s found in retail stores.”

Couples interested in having a ring custom made typically come to Fire & Ice with images of designs that have caught their eye. From there, Christopher or Ryan will help refine their vision through determining which specific details they like. Discussing aspects such as size, shape and colour of stones, preferred type of metal, and the client’s budget is all part of the process. “We always remind people there are no rules,” says Christopher. “Having a design that no one else has is special.”

Fire & Ice uses a 3D printer as part of their design process. This year, the company upgraded to the latest incarnation of the printer, which creates highly detailed wax prototypes. “It reproduces exactly what I have drawn on the computer screen, which results in high-quality custom jewellery and happy customers,” says Ryan.

Christopher and Ryan mix their own alloys to ensure a true brilliant white colour in their white gold. Unlike manufactured jewellery, which is often Rhodium Plated in an attempt to conceal its off-white colour, Fire & Ice’s work is built to last — and their pure white gold is guaranteed to never fade in colour.

All of the diamonds used by Fire & Ice are GIA certified with the highest rating. A popular alternative for the centre stone of engagement rings is Moissanite, a man-made diamond product that is very high quality, yet more affordable than genuine diamonds. Created by the American company, Charles & Covard, Moissanite is cut in many different sizes and shapes and boasts a VVS clarity and a D colour. Its Forever One grade is indistinguishable to the naked eye from highest quality diamonds. With genuine diamonds used for the smaller surrounding stones combined with Fire & Ice’s custom true white gold ring mounts, a Moissanite ring is an excellent and affordable choice.

For clients who want to further personalize their rings, Fire & Ice offers hand engraving. The options for this feature are endless; past clients have chosen to engrave a meaningful message, a child’s fingerprint, or even the lace pattern of the bride’s wedding dress. 

Interested in seeing examples of Fire & Ice designs? Their website and Facebook page showcase hundreds of custom rings. “We are always excited to present our final product to clients because of the wow factor,” says Christopher. “The gold is sparking, the stones are sparkling — people love it.”

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By Courtney Tait