Take An Exhilarating Ride Through Wascana Park

Take An Exhilarating Ride Through Wascana Park

Jasmine Kindred’s first experience on a Segway occurred in the Caribbean during a family vacation. When some members of her party had mobility issues that prevented them from enjoying a walking tour, but could participate in a 90-minute Segway Tour with ease and comfort, it left a lasting impression on her.

“Given the popularity of Segway tours across the world, I was motivated to create a fun new activity in Regina.  During my research, I learned that Segways are not allowed on public roadways, so I had to find a way to make special provisions to offer tours.  I approached Wascana Centre with a business plan — and they were thrilled with the idea and agreed to provide the necessary permit.”

Regina Rolling Robot Tours (RRR Tours) is the only company authorized to offer guided tours through Wascana Centre on Segways and Ninebots, which are easy-gliding, self-balancing transportation devices. If you don’t know how to ride one, you’ll get comfortable with it in a matter of minutes during the training.

RRR Tours have been enjoyed by visitors from all over the world.  The tours aren’t just for visitors, though. In fact, half of all RRR Tours are taken by locals! “It’s a perfect activity to take your family, friends or business partners on a guided tour that leaves a positive, lasting impression of Regina. It’s also a memorable and unique team building activity.”

As any entrepreneur knows, starting your own business can be scary, but having a stable support system makes all the difference. “I was lucky to have received an abundance of support from my community,” remarks Jasmine. “I’ve also been very grateful for both Audacity YQR and Economic Development Regina.”

“Connecting with other likeminded people is so important as a business owner,” she continues. “Audacity YQR’s networking events, mentorship opportunities and willingness to promote local businesses goes a long way in supporting entrepreneurship in Regina.”

Jasmine Kindred, owner

RRR Tours




By Laurissa Kainz    Photos Jeff Gross