The Future Of Energy In Saskatchewan & Canada

The Future Of Energy In Saskatchewan & Canada

Solar power is very popular globally; a Google search proves this. In the last decade, solar energy has experienced a rapid growth around the world, making solar energy a major player in many economies.

Solar is becoming widely used here at home and it isn’t just clean energy enthusiasts who have solar installed. The main incentive is lowering/eliminating electric bills while helping Saskatchewan meet its renewable energy targets. As with any other market that experiences growth, prices have fallen globally with no room left for further decreases in current technology. In the last 10 years, the prices have dropped more than 75 per cent. With a 20 per cent rebate from SaskPower, now is the time to consider solar Saskatchewan.

Where are we going? More solar, says the data!

In 2015, MIT published an extensive solar energy study. According to the study, “Solar electricity generation is one of few low-carbon energy technologies with the potential to grow to very large scale.” The study predicts the development of current solar technologies to the year 2050. The research shows solar energy has the potential globally to generate multi-terawatt scale power via roof tops, ground mounted and solar farms. The trend is apparent in Saskatchewan. We (Canadians) need new export markets for traditional energy (pipelines) and more solar to lower our own consumption. Linking traditional and renewable energy will enhance our Canadian lifestyle in many ways.

So, you want solar too?

More people in Saskatchewan decide to invest in solar energy every day. Whether you’ve decided to install rooftop solar or ground mounted, research will guide you to those who have experience and knowledge of the industry. Solar is still a big investment. Work with people face to face who know their industry, and can meet your power needs while safeguarding your property. 

Dwayne  Snider

Advanced Energy