The Spectrum Of Feminine & Masculine Spaces

The Spectrum Of Feminine & Masculine Spaces

The Metric Design team understands the subtle yet impactful elements that can take a room anywhere from ultra-whimsical to max modern, with some in-between stops along the way. Here is Metric’s personalized take on bringing together or highlighting one of the masculine and feminine taste palettes.

Tamara: Mystery Meets Romance 

I just love this combination of design elements because it showcases femininity and masculinity in a bold way that doesn't compromise on style. The overall theme has some intriguing depth, while the brushed metallics offer a soft contrast and some brightness. I love using striking elements that balance both sharp and curved lines, which creates interest for the eye while keeping a softer touch. We see an eclectic mix of eras such as the celebration of art deco and baroque while still staying very balanced in that masculine to feminine style spectrum.  

Karen: Whipped in Whimsical 

While Tamara was very much about finding balance, my combination celebrates femininity in a whimsical yet mature way. I've included softer colour palettes with pink pastel hues, a nod to Kate Spade with a demure polka dot print, and lighter tiles to create an open and airy space… of course flowers, because what woman doesn't love a fresh cut bouquet in the kitchen? There is still a mix of textures and materials, which creates interest for a more refined palette that remains pretty and feminine — one of the favourite things I love in a space. 

Brandon: The Power Suite 

Clearly, on the opposite side of feminine, what we see here is a lot of masculine elements such as metallics, a mature herringbone fabric design, and dark wood with accessories in shades of blue, silver and grey. I think it's so important to have black in any room; it brings an anchor into the space, draws the eye in, and creates a strong impact or additional drama. The materials I pulled are really the essence of a power suit translated into home décor. 

Sarah: Nurturing Neutral Zone 

My favourite materials to work with are wood, white and concrete. You see all those things incorporated in this combination, but I’m using different materials and textures to add interest and depth. Elements pulled here create a clean and nurturing space that can be enjoyed by everyone while not editing out style or unique and eclectic elements. A great note about this neutral palette is the ability to add in decor to sway it to be more masculine or feminine if desired.

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