Top Ten Things To Do In Regina!

Top Ten Things To Do In Regina!

Considering visiting Regina?   Maybe you are visiting Regina for a conference or a business trip or maybe you're in between homes. When visiting Regina, you should consider location as an important factor.  Match your interests with what you like to do with the location you choose.  Here is our list of the top ten things to do when visiting Regina.  

1. Walk Wascana Park (More on that below).

2. Shop the Cathedral District.  While their visit the 13th Avenue coffee shop for a great tasting coffee.

3. Shop downtown particularly Shoppes on Hamilton and stop in at the Casino Regina, if you are so inclined.

4. Eat at one of the best restaurants in Regina.  There are several including Luna Restaurant & the Breakfast Bistro.  If you are interested in fish & chips, the best most authentic fish & chips are at the London Belle located in the Fairfield Hotel

5. Visit the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

6. RCMP Heritage Centre

7. Go to a Rider Game and/or in the winter a Regina Pats Hockey.

8. Visit the Mackenzie Art Gallery.

9. Visit the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

10. Take in a show at the Globe Theatre.

Walk Wascana Park

The number one thing to do when visiting Regina is to walk Wascana Park.  Regina has 26 multi-use pathways but the number one is Wascana Park.  

With the view of the Provincial legislature in the heart of Wascana Park, the scenic resting points and migratory birds, it is no doubt the place for a morning, afternoon or evening stroll, run or bike ride.

There are three pathways:

Albert Street to Broad Street which is approximately 2 km’s and is the best walking trail in Regina. 

Broad Street to Highway #1 to Bypass approximately 3.5 km.

West Lake Loop approximately 4 km.

Wascana Lake was created in 1883.  It formed when Wascana Creek was damned between Angus & Rae Streets to provide a “livestock watering hole.”  The Lake attracted more than just livestock but attracted Reginans, who began sailing and canoeing on the Lake.    The lake continued to be used for some time as a water supply and stock watering hole,  as well as supply the new legislative building.  When a power plant, now known as the Saskatchewan Science Centre was built, water was used to cool certain machinery in the power plant.  Heated water was returned to the lake creating a situation where throughout the winter that area was ice-free.  Hence, a number of migratory birds remain year-round in Wascana Park.

For those bird watching enthusiasts, the park has over 17 different species of birds including:

·       Yellow Warbler

·       Cedar Waxwing

·       American Robin

·       Red-winged Blackbird

·       Gray Catbird

·       American Goldfinch

·       House Wren

·       Warbling Vireo

·       Clay-colored Sparrow

·       Least Flycatcher

·       Common Yellowthroat

·       Marsh Wren

·       Song Sparrow

·       Brown Thrasher

·       Trail's Flycatcher

·       Tennessee Warbler

·       Yellow-headed Blackbird

In 1956, the eastern sector of the lake was declared a Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

With the Provincial Legislative building at the heart of the Park, it is a beautiful park, especially at night when the building is lit up for all to see.  Since it was built in 1912, it has hosted 15 Premiers including the latest Scott Moe.

If you do decide to walk the pathway it will take about 45 minutes for the complete walk.  For those who might enjoy jogging the park and taking in its beauty, it takes about 20 - 30 minutes.  If it is your first time around the park, you may want to stop into the Willow Restuarant for a unique dining experience.  There are also plenty of lookout spots to see different angles of the park.  Great for pictures and selfies.  

If you are looking for a unique experience go to the Regina Rolling Robot Tours and take a Segway ride around the park.

There are plenty of places for parking.

If you are looking for more information on Regina events see Tourism Regina.

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