Trademark Concrete Lifting & Levelling In Edmonton Alberta

Trademark Concrete Lifting & Levelling In Edmonton Alberta

This week Trademark Pumping announced the opening of their newest division Trademark Concrete Lifting & Levelling.  Trademark Pumping has been a trusted name for concrete pumping services in Central and Northern Alberta for over 12 years.  The company's owner Mark Suchy's announced the opening of the new division.  "My family has been in the concrete industry for years.  This was another opportunity to extend the services we provide to our customers in Central and Northern Alberta" 

Trademark Concrete Lifting and Levelling utilizes the most recent advancement in concrete levelling, polyurethane foam.   Polyurethane foam is injected beneath sunken or uneven concrete raising it up as the foam expands.   While there have been other solutions to concrete levelling such as mudjacking and slab jacking to name a few, there are a number of advantages to polyurethane foam lifting.  These include:

• Holes used to inject the foam under the concrete are dime-sized versus much larger mudjacking holes.

• The foam, while incredibly strong, is incredibly light thereby not adding significant weight to the soil under the concrete slab.

• The foam cures very quickly allowing the concrete to be used within minutes of doing the work.

• The material expands filling voids under the concrete.

• It is moisture resistant and does not shrink over time.

Besides these advantages, it has the advantage of being environmentally friendly compared to options such as replacing concrete.  Concrete lifting avoids having landfills filled with concrete.

Trademark Concrete Lifting and Levelling, while headquartered in Camrose, services Central Alberta including Edmonton, Camrose, Leduc, Lacombe, Red Deer, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Wetaskiwin and surrounding communities.  So if you are looking to level and lift your concrete, call Trademark Concrete Lifting and Levelling.  They are a trusted Company in Alberta for concrete and concrete lifting and levelling services.