UBreakiFix Has Your Devices Covered

UBreakiFix Has Your Devices Covered

We’re all saving for something. Whether it’s the next home renovation, the next big vacation or a new set of wheels, we all have goals in mind.

At uBreakiFix, they understand. They also know firsthand how frustrating it can when an unexpected expense crops up — something like a broken phone, tablet or computer. They’ve got you covered. uBreakiFix can repair anything with a power button — and they do so at a fraction of the cost of buying a new device.

How much cheaper is it really?

Let’s look at the numbers. The majority of repairs on mobile devices cost less than 25 per cent of the total price to replace a device. And that’s not even factoring in the buyout on many data plans that can add hundreds of dollars to replacement costs.

uBreakiFix repairs always start with a free diagnostic exam to determine the problem, and all repair results come with a 90-day warranty. Another bonus? Repairs can be done in-store and usually take about an hour, so you can get back to your busy lifestyle quickly.

At uBreakiFix, they look at a broken device and see wasted potential. A broken device shouldn’t be collecting dust in a drawer. Most devices are meant to last three to four years. After an “oops” or a technological fail, let them ensure your device makes it back into the palm of your hand, serving you in your daily needs.

That sounds great, but I’m in the market for a new device

They get it! They just want you to know there are plenty of options for your old device, even after you’ve moved on. Maybe your child is ready for a cellphone? Let uBreakiFix take a look at your old phone and make sure it’s in good working order for its new owner.

That device might even stand to line your pockets! Why shouldn’t you be able to sell it for a profit? uBreakiFix will even serve as a third party for any transactions to make sure both seller and buyer are happy.

My company and I have a lot of devices that need some work

uBreakiFix works with businesses, schools and other organizations to provide access to on-call, convenient tech repair and support. Never lose a day of productivity because of a broken device again.

You know, it’s not a bad idea to bring up to the boss… and if you are the boss, it’s a pretty good idea! Plus, once you’re their partner, you can rest easy knowing that uBreakiFix works with Samsung, LG and Google, and they provide extended warranty repairs on behalf of both Rogers and SaskTel.

There are so many ways that uBreakiFix can help keep money in your pocket. Contact them at one of their three locations and start saving today!


Regina East: 3435 Quance Street 306.522.4349         

Regina North: 4400 Rochdale Blvd. 306.586.4349        

Saskatoon Unit: 160 - 3020 Preston Ave. S.  306.657.4233



By Jenn Sully