What There Is To Know, Like & Trust About Lana Wickstrom, Separation Specialist

What There Is To Know, Like & Trust About Lana Wickstrom, Separation Specialist

By Candace Fox 

She is vivacious, a straight shooter, smart as a whip — and has a bit of a “potty mouth.” This brave entrepreneur is a contagious bundle of energy that can be felt a mile away.  She’s addicted to microphones, loves a glass of wine or two, and brings everything she’s got to the table when she’s there. Most of all, Lana Wickstrom is that genuine friend, colleague and confidant who gives a damn about you, your family and what happens in your community and world.

Having Lana in your corner is an assurance in itself. If you’ve had the pleasure of spending time with her, you know Lana's laugh can ripple across a room. Her encouragement, curiosity about all issues, and deep listening skills let you know she genuinely appreciates holding space for and with others. Community-minded, leadership-bent, family-oriented and entrepreneurial, Lana understands the dynamics of the family unit in today's often chaotic world. Juggling her growing career, community board meetings, family life, networking engagements and her own social life, her dynamic world mimics that of many of her clients. She gets it and she gets you — the struggle is real.

As a former courtroom family law lawyer, social worker and mediator, Lana has now crafted a profession of her own as a separation specialist. Working with clients, Lana's greatest concern is the wellbeing of each individual in the family unit. Educating, guiding and coaching, Lana offers the opportunity to work together with separating clients (individually in separate sessions or together when appropriate) or with one individual in the relationship equation. Lana's goal and intent is to preserve all the goodness in the family while working through the logistics of a new tomorrow. There is no shame, blame or guilt involved; your dignity during this extraordinarily challenging time is her priority. Lana's expertise, personality and expert ability to navigate difficult situations for and with her clients is what truly makes her an invaluable and rare lifeline.

Regardless of how you know Lana Wickstrom, her passion, fierceness, sense of humour and fearlessness are intoxicating and spread like wildfire. She is loyal and her dedication to everyone in her world — friend, family, colleague or client — is undeniable and humbling. The care and commitment Lana offers in her personal and professional capacities are incomparable and her one-of- a-kind personality makes her hard to forget. Seriously. Lana gives a damn and is someone you want to know, an amazing person you will immediately like and a woman who will truly honour your trust.

If you or a loved one is contemplating, starting or still struggling with a separation or divorce, Lana is ready to help.

Lana Wickstrom

Separation Specialist