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Access Pleasure Within & Manifest the Life You Want to Live

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Access Pleasure Within & Manifest the Life You Want to Live

As much as sex is a physical act, it’s also an emotional one. It’s no surprise that our feelings affect our desire, passion and drive. Failing to address negative emotions builds tension and create blockages within our body. When the hurting becomes too much, we shut ourselves off and don’t allow intimacy.

CaraLee Rast experienced a lot of heartache in her youth. Three close friends and one family member committed suicide by the time she turned 24. With so much darkness around her and no outlet to properly work through her negative feelings, she shut her emotions down to stop feeling the hurt. It wasn’t until she met her husband that she opened herself up to feeling good again. Despite his traumatic childhood and a battle with cancer, his attitude towards life was so vivacious that he sparked Cara to want to live her life to the fullest again.

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Her new positive energy steered her towards a women’s group called Rise by Desire, a desire-mapping group led by Jamie Young. The group challenged her to think about how she really wanted to feel and what made her feel best. Still struggling with relationship hang-ups and insecurities, CaraLee began studying sexuality and relationship psychology. This led her to study with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (TIIS), founded by Layla Martin who studied sexuality at Stanford University and with Tantric masters in Asia. Though the course only required 600 hours, she was so enamored with her studies that when she finished her certification in March, she had invested more than 1100 hours working with practices and people.

When meeting with CaraLee, her warm and positive energy fills the room. People come to her with negative emotions manifested in their bodies and relationships. CaraLee works with clients to discover where their negative emotions sit and works through strategies and practices to unblock energy and emotions, to allow them to tap into and source from the warm sensations, along with the empowered parts of the body and psyche. This allows the gentle release of trauma and drama, enabling them to handle the negative when it comes because they will always know how to access the power of pleasure and of feeling whole.

“We get into the body so we can figure out what you really need,” CaraLee explains. She uses a combination of breath work, meditation, visualization, and talk coaching to work through these blockages. The techniques she uses are steeped in wisdom from Tantric and Taoist traditions, and the latest understanding of neuroscience, which ensures clients make the connection between mind and body. Because pleasure comes from within, it is only when this connection is made that pleasure can manifest itself as a physical expression.

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CaraLee works in both one-on-one coaching, as well as in groups. Starting on Monday and Wednesday nights in July, she’ll be running Unleashing Your Feminine Fire, a 10 session course for women who want to examine and shed self-limiting attitudes about sexuality and create empowering new ones. Starting Tuesday nights on July 10, she’ll also be teaching a BellyFit class through Mawson Fitness, which strengthens pelvic floor muscles through dance, Pilates and yoga-inspired moves. 

Working with CaraLee ultimately results in something much deeper than pure physical pleasure. “Pleasure is a superpower!” she enthuses, “It allows us to show up in big ways.” Imagine yourself living your most turned on life! Turned on by the food we eat, the bodies we have and the relationships we are in. When you come from pleasure, passion and excitement and you know how to access it, you can use it to help manifest the life you want to live.


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By Jenni Lawrence    Photos Lisa Landrie