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Best Roofing Company in Regina

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Best Roofing Company in Regina


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Unique Roofing is the best roofing contractor in Regina.   Unique Roofing, owned by Justin.  Has been roofing Regina homes for over 10 years.  Unique Roofing success comes from being hands-on on every roofing project and paying attention to detail.  Justin says " as an owner involved in the business on a day to day basis, I examine every roof and job to ensure that the work is done to the best quality."  
We all take our roof for granted.  However, it is one of the most important investments for our home.  An incorrectly installed roof can cause significant damage over time to a home including damage from leaks, ice damming damage, and problems with the structure of the roof itself.  
Unique Roofing understands the importance of having a large selection of styles and roofing materials to chose from.  Considering that a roof is a major part of the look of a home, it's important when choosing a roofing system, that you can determine whether it will look great and complement the design of the home.  Unique Roofing allows it, customers, the opportunity to see what the roof will look like before starting the job.  
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Roofing shingles are not just the typical tar and granule application, there are options like metal and rubber roof.  When choosing a roofing contractor in Regina for asphalt, rubber, metal and flat roof shingles for your home, there are a few things to consider. Choosing the right company ensures the quality, value and longevity of the product that you are installing on your home. There are a few things you need to consider. First of all, the shingles. Typically, shingles last 10 to 15 years. Some people can get 20 years out of them depending on location, exposure, or other various circumstances that change the longevity of a shingle.

Unique Roofing understands that both products and workmanship can be the difference between a lasting roof and a roof that falls short of its life expectancy. That’s why we are the only one of a very select few certified installers of Euroshield Rubber in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We source our products from roofing suppliers in Regina and across Canada. With our skilled workmanship, Unique Roofing is committed to the absolute best customer service possible.
Need to repair your roof?  Unique Roofing does that too.  They will come out to your home and inspect the roof free of charge, helping you understand what needs to be fixed.  Unique Roofing also does emergency roof repairs.  
Contact Unique Roofing the next time you are considering replacing your roof in Regina.
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