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Custom, Convenient Cures — Bringing Pharmacy Back to the Future

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Custom, Convenient Cures — Bringing Pharmacy Back to the Future

Are you on a complicated medication plan and not sure how your different prescriptions will affect one another? Maybe you have a little one (or a four-legged “friend”) that just won’t take their pills. Or, maybe you are interested in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The Northgate Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Regina just might have the solution to these (and most other) pharmaceutical problems. Their pharmacists create medications tailored to each patient’s specific needs. They operate on an appointment-based model — meaning they take the time to create a personalized treatment plan that you won’t find at big-box pharmacies.

It’s a practice that used to be the norm in pharmacies. “We like to think of what we are doing as bringing pharmacy back to the future,” says owner Jarron Yee, one of their specialized pharmacists. “With the rise of mass manufacturing, the practice of pharmacy compounding has become less common. However, there are still so many patients out there that need personalized treatment and individualized medicine.”

It’s a service not just any pharmacy can offer its patients. The pharmacists at the Northgate Medicine Shoppe have undergone extensive specialized training to deliver these convenient services for their patients.

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Customized dosages mean you’re able to avoid the serious side effects of some medications. Pain medications that come in the form of transdermal creams mean you can target the pain at the source to avoid unwanted side effects such as drowsiness or an upset stomach. And different flavours and dosage forms of medication (including gummies, lollipops and even dog treats!) mean you can ensure every member of your family is getting the care they need.

Maybe there’s a shortage of the medication that you rely on? The Northgate Medicine Shoppe has access to the raw pharmaceutical ingredients needed to create your necessary medications and fulfill your needs. They offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, where plant hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are used to replicate the hormones the body produces and offer a natural way to balance the patient’s hormones. This is especially helpful for women experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Sounds impressive — and it’s a lot of information to take in. But what’s the one thing Jarron wants old, new and potential Northgate Medicine Shoppe patients to know about compounding?

“Whatever the problem, there is always an option,” says Jarron. “Each day, we field many calls from doctors all over the province. Often, they have tried everything to help a patient and need a second opinion or a new and innovative option.”

On top of everything else, once their experts have created a customized medication just for you, the pharmacy provides care right to your front door! Custom, convenient cures await you at Northgate Medicine Shoppe — where pharmacy is coming back to the future.  


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By Jenn Sully