Enjoy Having a Clean Summer

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Enjoy Having a Clean Summer

The much anticipated summer season has arrived on the Prairies. After months of cold wintery weather, it is time to enjoy being outside soaking up the summer sunshine.

Do you and your family enjoy swimming at a lake, local pool or even your own pool? We do too! Putting together totes for clean towels that are only used for the pool or lake is very helpful. They can be washed, dried and placed in the same easy to reach spot all summer long. This saves your household towels from being bleached out, left outdoors to the elements or used to catch drips from cold summer treats like freezies and popsicles. Make sure to have a landing zone for the ones that need a wash.

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We all love to throw open our windows to enjoy the sounds of nature and let the fresh air into the house. This allows dust or allergens in the air to float in; with the amount of construction going on in our city, the dust can be extremely noticeable.  There is no way to avoid this from happening completely, but here are a few ways to prevent potential dust buildup. Using a damp microfibre cloth to wipe window ledges and other surfaces near the windows on a regular basis will make a big difference. If you really want to get ahead of the game, using a window filter is a great option. The other thing we suggest doing is to change your furnace filters once a month. They will be doing double duty cleaning your air for you, so help them out.

Summer is the perfect time of year to get all your garbage cans out into the yard to give them a good soak! Soap them up, fill them up and give them a scrub. Air dry and replace, and your disposal areas will smell sweet and fresh.

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If you’re able to hang items out in the yard, the sun is a wonderful refresher and bleacher for white clothing items and the like. Area rugs love to have the outdoor experience of being shaken and freshened up. Sunshine is free, so take advantage of it! Nothing is better than going to sleep on sheets and blankets that have been dried by the sun.

Last but not least, make sure you have comfy, outdoor shoes that you remove when you enter the home. No one wants to track in all of the dirt and germs that land on the pavement. If you are barefoot, give your feet a rinse before you waltz into the house or have indoor slippers to wear. Enjoy the summer sunshine and the fresh smells that come along with it.


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