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Looking for a Place to Rent in the Fall?

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Looking for a Place to Rent in the Fall?

While its the fall season now.  Fall is the time for falling leaves and falling temperatures.  Fall is also a time for turning over a new leaf - starting University, starting a new job and yes moving - either to a new city or within the city.  While looking for a place to rent happens throughout the year, the fall is one of the peak times for people looking for a place to rent.  

And if you are looking for a place to rent that means apartment hunting.  Here are some of our tips for finding the right place to rent:

When looking for a place to rent, make sure that the landlord has an established history.  For example, PRI Apartments has been providing rental properties for over 25 years.  An experienced landlord ensures that the place you rent will be properly serviced if and when you need tenant services.
The longer the lease term you are prepared the sign, the better for both you and the landlord for providing the best apartment rental options and pricing.
The timing of moving into a new apartment is important.   Determine when your current lease ends.  Ending your lease earlier can result in early termination fees that most of us would prefer to avoid.  
Think about the duration of the lease.  When would be a time when, if you were moving out, it would be a preferable time to move.  
The number of places to rent is lower in the fall than it might be in the summer, so when you find the place you want to rent, don't take too much time to execute on renting the apartment. 
Try to be flexible with regards to the terms of the apartment you are looking to rent.  If you consider a longer lease term or a larger security deposit this may help in getting a little better deal on the place you would like to rent. 
Make sure that you properly fill out the paperwork and if possible ensure that the references you provide are not only the most recent but complete.  If you are a good tenant,  landlords are more prepared to offer you the place to rent rather than someone else.  And in the fall with lower apartment rentals available, this is important for getting the best place to rent.
If you are looking for a place to rent in Regina, Moose Jaw, Yorkton or Fort-Qu'Appelle, call PRI Apartments.  We have a wide selection of apartments to rent throughout the city.  We also have a wide selection of apartment rentals available in different monthly rental ranges.  

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