Moose Jaw Takes Centre Stage as Canada’s Top “One Horse Town”

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Moose Jaw Takes Centre Stage as Canada’s Top “One Horse Town”

For a “one horse town,” Moose Jaw sure can make a lot of noise.

For the third year in a row, Coors Banquet launched a nationwide contest to name Canada’s top One Horse Town. Teaming up with CMT Canada, the winning town would enjoy an epic concert featuring multi-platinum Grammy winner, Darius Rucker; winner of the 2017 ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year, Jon Pardi; Saskatchewan native, Juno Award winner and three-time CCMA Female Artist of the Year, Jess Moskaluke; and a hot new act, James Barker Band.

Coors Banquet is brewed exclusively in Golden, Colorado — a town of only 20,000 residents. Knowing the ethic and spirit of a small town, they wanted to reward the often-overlooked “little guys on the map” and offer a reward of legendary entertainment to the town that embodied the true dynamic of small town pride.

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The premise was simple and the competition was tough. The contest called out to towns across Canada with populations of 50,000 and less to nominate themselves. The response was overwhelming and 2,500 towns were put into the initial running. 

And Then There Were Six.

A big little town with a comically renowned name made the final cut — and the citizens of Moose Jaw spoke up. Daily votes online would choose the victor, and Moose Jaw got to work. With local businesses, the City of Moose Jaw and the mayor, resident celebrities and spirited locals making their voices heard, the entire town rallied together. The harmony of pride echoed loudly, and Moose Jaw was named the winning One Horse Town.

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Jessica Teixeira, manager of brand public relations for Molson Coors recognizes the fighting spirit of Moose Jaw. “Hometown pride was exemplified ten-fold,” she says. The concept of the contest at its heart was what set Moose Jaw apart, and it did not go unnoticed. “That’s all we can hope for is that our vision actually aligns with what’s going to happen and who is going to enjoy it, and Moose Jaw has shown us that every single day,” says Teixeira.  

The trucks rolled in by the dozens, the stage and the lights transformed Main Street, and the anticipation built to a fever pitch. With iconic City Hall as the backdrop, and Main Street and Fairford Street rolling out the red carpet, the city was set to host the greatest event in entertainment that Moose Jaw had ever seen. 

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Those bringing the colossal event to Moose Jaw echoed the excitement. Not only would Moose Jaw be hosting some of the biggest names in country music, the entire country would be watching. CMT Canada will be featuring the event — and Moose Jaw — in November of this year. “When I first heard about Moose Jaw winning, I got very excited as a filmmaker because I knew how beautiful Main Street was and how if we put the stage there — with all these historic buildings around it — that it would be a very epic television show, which is what I am here to do,” says CMT filmmaker, Joel Stewart.  Having visited Moose Jaw several times before, Stewart was beyond pleased to return: “I love it here.”

“The hospitality we have seen from the town — the enthusiasm, the spirit — has been more than we could ever hope for Coors Banquet One Horse Town. We’re so excited to bring this home to Moose Jaw,” says Teixeira. 

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On September 15, Moose Jaw pulsated with excitement and pride. This first-class show will go down in entertainment history — and this “one horse town” showcased the exact spirit and fanfare that brought it all here.


By Sarah Moore   Photos courtesy Molson Coors