Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort

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Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort

What if you could enjoy all the benefits of being in nature with the comfort of being indoors?

Think about it: no more mosquitoes. No wasps buzzing around as you eat. Zero wind threatening to knock over your patio furniture. Rain no longer forcing you indoors. Just pure comfort and enjoyment in the privacy of your own backyard.

With Suncoast Enclosures, you can appreciate your perfect outdoor space all day long, from early morning coffee to late night drinks with friends.

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“Our screen enclosures allow you to better enjoy your outdoor living area,” says Don Larwood, general manager of Suncoast Enclosures. “For pools, this means you spend your time swimming instead of cleaning. An evening swim or a weekend barbeque becomes much more enjoyable without having to deal with flies and mosquitoes. Plus, you’ll never have to put away lawn furniture again.”

Suncoast Enclosures are made of the finest quality materials available. The frame is fabricated from maintenance-free, powder-coated aluminum. All the aluminum extrusions incorporate a patented system that locks the screening in, preventing it from being pushed out or becoming saggy over time. The covering can be made of fibreglass mesh or polycarbonate plastic.

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Available in different shapes, colours and sizes, three-season rooms and screen rooms can be constructed against buildings or be freestanding. A typical size is about 12 by 16 feet, but Suncoast has built quite a range of sizes, the largest being 3,600 square feet. Enclosures can be placed on just about any surface, such as concrete pads, wooden decks, wooden timbers or paving stones, assuming the walls can be fastened down.

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All Suncoast enclosures are strong enough to withstand our temperamental prairie weather. “Every one of our buildings has an engineered roof with a lifetime warranty for snow loads and winds,” says Larwood.

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Suncoast Enclosures’ louvered roof allows you to get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor space. Imagine a durable, versatile and attractive patio cover. One that delivers shade on hot days, protects your family from harmful UV rays and keeps your deck, swimming pool, hot tub and outdoor furniture dry during a rainstorm. Suncoast Enclosures will custom build your louvered roof as an addition to your home or as its own free-standing patio cover. You can choose from a flat or pitched roof design made to fit your specifications.

Suncoast Enclosures is a 2018 Consumer Choice Award winner and a recipient of Refined Lifestyle’s Best of the Best award. After 27 years, the staff have more experience in their field than anyone else in Canada. Every job is custom built and each enclosure is designed to suit your circumstances, keeping in mind function and aesthetics. They design each enclosure exclusively to complement your home and landscaping as a beautiful addition.

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“If you enclose your deck, patio or gazebo, it becomes your outdoor living room and allows you to open up your house and lifestyle,” says Larwood. “You can get into a room in March or April, and enjoy it until October or November.” 

Find out how to stretch your summer by stopping into Suncoast’s new showroom located at the corner of South Service Road and Highway 1 West in Regina. Call or visit them online for more details.


Don Larwood, General Manager

Suncoast Enclosures

Regina & Saskatoon






“We were extremely pleased with the whole process. The estimate was accurate and we were even offered suggestions on what we could change, add or eliminate. The building process was quick and done when expected. Any followup questions or concerns were answered quickly. We would highly recommend this company to anyone.”  —Dianne Comstock


By Laurissa Kainz   Photos Calvin Fehr