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Oxford Learning’s Students Shine

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Oxford Learning’s Students Shine

Children attend Oxford Learning Regina for many reasons, says Centre Director Janet Klassen.

Some arrive thanks to their academic gifts. The centre can help high-achieving children set their own learning speed, ensuring they aren’t held back by set curriculum.

Others attend to develop a specific subject or skill. Reading, writing and math are often especially tricky for students, says former school teacher Klassen. “I saw lots of junior high students reading below grade level,” she explains. Furthermore, she notes, “some Oxford Learning attendees have learning disabilities, and need strategies to help them move forward despite those.”

In every case, however, Klassen knows students enroll at Oxford Learning because parents are safeguarding their education. “Parents’ dedication just amazes me,” she says. “I’ve met so many wonderful parents who want to help their kids be the best they can be.”

Klassen herself has navigated a similar situation. “When I was raising my children, I thought they would learn how to study at school,” she says. However, the reality she observed was different. “Schools sometimes introduce those concepts, but students need an opportunity to practice them.”

“That’s why I looked at Oxford Learning Centre,” she continues. “It focuses on how students learn, and on helping them learn how to learn.” She founded the Canadian enterprise’s Regina branch in 2000. Almost two decades later, Oxford Learning Regina is a popular local resource — “we’re busy!” Klassen says.

The Regina centre and its staff hold a Community Marketing Award (2010), Pillar Award (2014), Flora Manuel Memorial Award and Little Readers Award (both 2016) from Oxford Learning Central. Last year, a President’s Award was bestowed upon Klassen herself. “That’s the top award at Oxford Learning; I was pleasantly surprised!” she says warmly.

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At Oxford Learning, Klassen says, “We do a lot of celebrating. We celebrate all achievements and small gains — and mistakes, because they give us an opportunity to learn.” She sees this approach as key to student morale. “It’s a matter of encouraging students to develop confidence, and enthusiasm for learning.”

Considering the number of Oxford Learning students who remain at the centre long-term, it seems clear that parents are pleased with their results. In fact, Klassen says, some teenage students initially enrolled as preschoolers. “It’s a really positive place for everybody,” she says. “It’s fun. You see the growth in the kids; you start to see them flower.”

Sidebar: Don’t Wait for September! “Summer is a great time for kids to catch up or get ahead,” says Oxford Learning Centre Director Janet Klassen. “They can focus on developing their reading, writing, or math skills. That can make a big difference, going into the next school year.” Throughout summer vacation, Oxford Learning enhances its schedule with seasonal classes (such as “Fun in French Thursdays”, a two-hour weekly French intensive). 

The summer-only “Study Skills Boot Camp” is crafted especially for students approaching ninth grade. “There’s a big difference between student expectations for elementary school and high school,” Klassen says. This late-August “boot camp” helps high school freshmen hit the ground running “right from the start.”


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