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Sneakin' into Spring

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Sneakin' into Spring

If you know me, you’ll usually see me gallivanting around town in at least five-inch heels – boots, booties, Mary Janes, pumps, et al. I'm a sucker for elevation with little to no care about anything flats-related. I flew past the ballerina shoe trend not batting an eye or even entertaining the idea with faux interest at any shoe store. They never landed on my feet once. But this here sneaker trend… it goes beyond my curious eye. No, this certainly has caught my attention and I'm venturing down a slippery slope. I'm thinking about emotionally investing and I'm ready for a full-on affair with some new footwear. Let's explore, shall we?

Houston, we've got sneaker lift up and off. Exaggerated soles, playing with height and chunkiness in a variety of styles including gel and air, could be the saving grace for those like me who love some height and volume, even with their sneaks. With some distance off the ground, the exaggeration doesn't stop there. Soles can be found in every shape, height, material and colour — adding another depth of drama to this growing footwear trend. Rainbow, layered, metallic, sparkles, gel, cork, slightly wedged or overblown moulds; if you can dream it, we promise it's out there and we hope for your sake that it's on sale.

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What is old is new again! Retro sneaks are slaying — and no one does it with a modern twist better than Adidas. It's true. Bridging sport with fashion for an elevated leisure look that can pump up your track suit or add personality to your Sunday brunch attire, we are all eyes to see how far this particular sneaker trend will go. Of course, mixing modern colours with a vintage shape or vintage colours with a more modern style adds to a wider playing field for this retro sneaker trend. Note — be on the lookout for retro 80s and 90s sneakers in stores. We suggest digging in that old storage box at your parents' house that hasn't seen the light of day since 2000; you might find some goodies in there. Before buying retro, make sure to scan your closet and mentally note a few outfits where this style of sneak would be the ultimate finishing touch!

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Multi textured and accessorized. Fun, frivolous and colourful doesn't even do justice when trying to find words for some of these uniquely designed, dare we say, bordering over the top sneaks. Fur puff, plush velvet or patchwork designs? Oh yes ma'am, we'll sign up for all of that. Finding a unique pair of sneakers doesn't seem to be the issue; it's choosing amongst them all to find out which ones are really speaking to you. If you are like me and get overwhelmed with all the original choices — hearing that little voice in your head justifying you taking them all home — that's when you've reached your peak and you must momentarily step on out. Clear your head and come back. You don't need to break the bank for sneaks. We agree you do need a cool pair, but pay your bills too, honey. If you have a real hard time deciding, text me; I'll decide for you (Disclaimer: I'm a sucker for velvet, varieties in texture, and sparkles).

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On the flip side, let the heavens rejoice with the white and/or nude sneaker as a mainstay and necessity for your shoe collection. Keeping them clean will be another issue, but we cannot say enough about our love for the all-white sneak. Skinny jeans and a fresh, crisp white or nude sneaker, paired with your favourite t-shirt (I steal from my boyfriend's collection) and a blazer or your classic moto leather jacket — we praise thee! Testing the waters with an over-the-knee skirt or a maxi dress this summer is a great way to switch up your sneaker game. Do not hesitate to pair your less-than-feminine footwear with an ultra-feminine outfit. Contrast is good, playing to your personality is best, and putting those sneakers to good use is what we like to see.

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Now be gone. Go off into the sunset and find yourself the most comfy, extension of your personality sneaker style that calls your name and refuses to leave your feet once you've tried them on. Make sure you share with Refined online; we want to share your sneaker story! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we too can swoon over your new fabulous footwear. #sneakerstory #refinedyxe

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By Candace Fox