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Putting the Care Back into Mobility

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Putting the Care Back into Mobility

Winter tends to give rise to a number of things—colder weather, snow, intense holiday planning, the end of the Riders—and this year, the introduction of Driven with Care to the Regina marketplace. Driven with Care was established to provide assisted transportation to seniors and those with mobility issues.

But it is not simply a taxi service. The vehicle fleet is clean and well maintained. The drivers are trained and licensed in CPR and First Aid, as well as in transfers, lifts and repositioning. They carry out their seven-day-a-week service with genuine empathy and compassion. Owners Michael Reddick and Zachary McIntosh are lifetime residents of Regina who discovered they enjoyed spending time with seniors after volunteering at various care homes. With a friendship spanning 20 years, they are university educated with extensive professional experience in the service industry. “We’re both from entrepreneurial families,” says Zach,“ and we’re fully committed to Driven with Care and fostering long-term client relationships.”

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Driven with Care is distinct in its extended service offer to include companionship for clients on multi-stop trips. If requested, Mike and Zach can assist guests into appointments, wait until that appointment is over, and carry on with their guests to subsequent appointments. They strive to ensure that a familiar face greets each client at their door and accompanies them to and from the vehicle.

Payment can be made in the vehicle or by account. Currently, appointments can be booked online through the company website or by phone, and development is underway to create a mobile app that will track routes/trips, further simplify booking and payment, and allow automated texting updates. A corresponding desktop application will provide the same features and peace of mind for care homes and other retirement living managers that their residents and families value and demand.

In the very short term, Mike and Zach expect to add a wheelchair-accessible vehicle to their fleet. Mike adds:“ While we expect that further expansion will take us to neighbouring markets either through corporately-owned offices or by way of franchising, that growth will never compromise the levels of service we provide today and promise for the future.”

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You are encouraged to contact Zach or Mike to speak with your group, to consult with you on their services and pricing, or just to have a coffee and learn about how this service may be of use to you and your family.

Winter in Regina may be a season; Driven with Care will be a lifetime.


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Photos by DeAnne Bell