January 11, 2022

Be Wise Partners with Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce For SMEs Training


Regina, SK – A new partnership between Business Wise (B Wise) Coaching and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC) will support SCC members and their employees by delivering targeted business development programs geared toward small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).
Through B Wise Certificate Programs, participants across the province have access to courses that are simple, relevant, and practical for business owners, further supporting them to succeed in today’s business environment on both provincial and national stages.
“It can be difficult finding training that actually meets the unique needs of small & medium-sized businesses,” said Jenna Raimbault, Vice President of Business Wise Coaching. “With everything going on, we wanted to develop programs that help business owners get the knowledge, tools, coaching, and community they need to be successful – and we’ve definitely accomplished that!”
Along with their Certificate Programs, B Wise Coaching also provides customized training, business coaching, and memorable keynote presentations. Programs are delivered online and range from 4 hours to 9 months in duration. Funding opportunities, like the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, are available, and B Wise’s Business Advisors can help you find the right funding for your business. Registration is open and upcoming courses are listed on the SCC webpage or through bwise.ca.
“We want Saskatchewan businesses to have access to every and any kind of training opportunity,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. “Through this partnership with Business Wise Coaching, small and medium-sized businesses have even more options for upskilling and reskilling, furthering our mission of making Saskatchewan the best place to live and work.”
B Wise Business Coaching is a proud member of the SCC, and the two organizations continue to collaborate on identifying and meeting the training needs of the increasingly diversified local business community.
The partnership between the SCC and B Wise Business Coaching is part of a suite of programs that Saskatchewan’s network of chambers is building through the Training and Employment Network to provide clear and locally coordinated pathways for workers to be identified, as well as to present learning opportunities that enhance skills for employers.
To find out more about B Wise Business Coaching and how to access their programs, please visit https://bwise.ca/.


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At Be Wise Business Academy, we are proud to offer training programs taught by instructors who are specialists in their field with real-world experience running or working with small and medium-sized Canadian businesses. This allows us to offer practical training programs focused on helping you implement the things that will drive profit in your business. You can choose as little or as much training as you want and customize your learning experience to match what you need in your business.
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Money shouldn't get in the way of accessing the tools & knowledge to make your business successful. Grants are non-repayable monies that your business may be able to access for training, marketing, consulting, or hiring new staff. If you've ever applied for a grant, you know how confusing, stressful and time-consuming it can be. Our team is here to make the process easier for you. We want your business to be successful, and we don't want your cash flow to get in the way of taking a training program that could be a game changer for your business! We've even set up a special financing program to help you until the government reimbursement arrives. Trust us - we've got you covered here.
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