July 17, 2022


The Benefits of Levelling Concrete with Polyurethane Foam

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Sunken and settled concrete slabs aren't just an eye-sore; they can be dangerous! Concrete settling is a pretty common issue in Ontario. You might be wondering what to do if you've noticed cracked, uneven or sinking slabs around your home or business. Brosco Concrete has the solution for you! Polyurethane Foam concrete leveling! When it comes to lifting and levelling concrete, there's no better solution than polyurethane foam. This environmentally friendly method is not only solid and durable, but it's also long-lasting. If you're looking for a way to level your concrete without damaging the environment or spending a fortune on repairs, this is the option for you! Keep reading to learn the benefits of lifting concrete with polyurethane foam!

One of the best benefits of lifting and levelling concrete with polyurethane foam is that it is environmentally friendly. The polyurethane foam we use is made partly from recycled materials and contains no toxic chemicals that can harm the environment! Polyurethane concrete leveling also keeps old concrete slabs out of landfills. Lifting your concrete instead of replacing it eliminates the need to pour a new slab if your existing slab is still in good condition but has begun to settle.

Polyurethane foam provides a long-lasting repair. Once cured, polyurethane foam is completely inert, so your slab will not sink again. In most cases, polyurethane foam concrete leveling is permanent, so you will save money on future repair costs. It is a longer-lasting solution compared to mudjacking. The materials used for mudjacking can be affected by the same problems that initially caused the concrete to settle and will usually only last a few years. Polyurethane foam can last lifetimes, making it the superior concrete lifting method.

The polyurethane foam we use is a very durable material. It's resistant to moisture and the elements, so it won't degrade over time. It can be affected by UV radiation, but this isn't an issue since it is underground. Polyurethane foam is also extremely strong. It can support up to 4,000 pounds per square foot; this makes it the strongest concrete levelling method available! Our polyurethane foam has been designed to lift and level concrete. It can support the weight of almost any type of concrete slab. It is so strong that it is frequently used to lift entire commercial properties, highways and roadways. These features make polyurethane foam the best option for levelling concrete.

Polyurethane concrete levelling is fast and efficient.

Polyurethane foam is an innovative product that has changed how concrete leveling is done. The process is fast and efficient and takes as little as a few hours for smaller jobs. Leveling concrete with polyurethane foam only requires drilling a few small holes through the top of the concrete slab. Once the holes are drilled, the polyurethane foam is injected, raising the concrete slab from beneath. Once the work is complete, the holes are filled, and the area can be used almost immediately. No heavy machinery is required for this process. This means we can lift sunken slabs quickly with minimal interruptions. Mudjacking requires drilling larger holes and pumping a cement slurry below the slab. Mudajcking can be very messy and takes more time; this is not an issue when using polyurethane foam.

If you're looking for a durable and cost-effective way to lift and level settled concrete slabs in southern Ontario, polyurethane foam concrete leveling is the best solution. It has many benefits over other methods of levelling concrete, including being environmentally friendly and long-lasting! At Brosco Concrete, we are committed to being a leader in the concrete leveling industry with our innovative solutions. If you have a sunken slab, we can lift it! With our dedication to customer service, we know we are the number one choice for all your concrete needs. Contact us today for more information about our services or how we can help with your concrete levelling project!

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