October 12, 2022


When Was The Last Time You Had An Oil Change?

Progressive Auto
If it's been more than three months, you shouldn't put it off any longer! Changing your car's oil is one of the easiest and most important things you can do for your car. It helps prolong the life of all its moving parts, from the engine to the transmission. If it's time for an oil change, bring your vehicle to Progressive Auto! We'll help you keep your vehicle running smoothly.
Scheduled Servicing & Inspections
As an included benefit of regular servicing at Progressive, we perform full inspections as part of every servicing routine. If there are any problems we suspect your vehicle is, or might soon be facing, we will be sure to inform you of it, as well as any routes available to address the problem before it worsens.

When we get up in the morning, they’re ready to take us to work. They take our kids to school, bring us to appointments, help us with groceries. It’s hard to find a single aspect of living that hasn’t, in some way, been made possible because we have access to our vehicles.
Though we often lose sight of the fact our cars take care of us, and they do so better when we take care of them. This idea is at the core of Progressive Automotive. The impact we have on the life of the Reginan’s we serve is subtle, but it motivates us to excel at all the work we perform. There is nobility in ensuring that you can always get to work on time, get your errands done, and be home in time for dinner.
At Progressive Automotive in Regina, you can trust that not only will your vehicle remain in top shape but that it won’t surprise you with costly breakdowns or part failures!

August 30, 2022


What Is a Vehicle Transmission System?

Your vehicle’s transmission is what transmits power from your engine to your wheels. Regularly dealing with significant force and friction, transmission components will wear quickly if not properly lubricated. It is essential to ensure your transmission receives regular maintenance and repairs when necessary to ensure it keeps working efficiently. Read more>>

August 10, 2022


Keep Your Car Protected with Suspension Maintenance

The suspension system of your vehicle does far more than simply ensure a smooth ride. In fact, creating a comfortable driving experience is one of the least important jobs vehicle suspension systems perform. Suspension systems are first meant to absorb shock and vibration and ensure that tires are consistently in contact with the road. Without absorbing shock, every bump in the road would cause shock and vibration all throughout your vehicle, massively accelerating wear and tear. Potholes would not only hurt you but cause significant damage to your entire vehicle. Suspension systems absorb these shocks, protecting your vehicle from the damage they would otherwise cause. Read more>>

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