March 21, 2023

What are the Safest Window Treatments for Children?


When you have small children, you know how important it is for them to be safe in your home. You've probably covered electrical outlets, put child locks on cupboards and drawers or added guards to the edges and corners of your tables, but have you considered your window treatments? We all know children are naturally curious and love to explore! You may think you are thoroughly childproofing your home, but window coverings are often overlooked. Window treatment cords can be tempting to small children; they are also one of their biggest safety hazards. To ensure your child is safe and your window treatments comply with Canada's safety regulations regarding coverings, it is important to ensure your window treatments are not a hazard to your child. Now you may be wondering, "what are the safest window treatments for children?". The experts at The Blinds Collective Design Studio are here to tell you! We'll review Canada's current safety standard for window coverings and the best options for your home! Read on to learn more!
What is the Current Canadian Window Covering Safety Requirements?
Canada has updated the Corded Window Covering Regulations to eliminate strangulation risks and other safety hazards to children due to window covering cords. These new regulations are in effect as of May 1, 2022. There are many specifics in the new regulations, but some of the key changes are:
● A reachable cord with one free end must not exceed 22 cm in length when it is pulled in any direction by the gradual application of force, attaining 35 N 
● A reachable cord with no free end must not exceed 22 cm in length between two consecutive contact points when it is pulled in any direction by the gradual application of force, attaining 35 N
● If a reachable cord is pulled in any direction by the gradual application of force attaining 35 N, the perimeter of any loop, whether it is existing, created or enlarged, must not exceed 44 cm
These requirements apply to all cords on window coverings such as lift cords, inner cords and cords inside window frames (including those found on top-down, bottom-up shades, skylight shades and horizontal blinds), cords on the backside of some shades (bamboo and shades), and any other cords that may be reachable. Reachable cords. This is a brief overview of some of the requirements outlined by the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act. You can view the details and specifics on the new Canadian Corded Window Covering Regulations here.
The Best Window Treatments for Kid's Rooms
At the Blinds Collective Design Studio, we of many window treatment options that will not only transform the look of any room but also keep your child safe. From the modern, clean-lined pleats of cellular shades to the sleek design of roller shades, we have something for everyone at The Blinds Collective Design Studio! Most of our window treatments are available in motorized options, making them perfect for nurseries, kid's rooms, playrooms, family rooms, or any room where children play. We suggest the following options if you are looking for child-safe window treatments:
● Roman Shades● Roller Shades● Solar Shades● Pleated Shades● Cellular Shades● Blackout Shades● Drapes & Curtains
Not only do these options offer cordless control for your child's safety, but they can also help increase energy efficiency while adding a touch of elegance to any room. All of our window treatments comply with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and are rated "Best for Kids"! 
Motorized Window Treatments for Your Childs Safety
When it comes to choosing child-safe window treatments for your home, motorized window coverings are the best choice. Motorized window treatments allow you to program and automate the opening and closing of your blinds or shades for increased privacy, enhanced energy efficiency, and UV protection, all with simple convenience. Our motorized window treatments offer a safe environment for children (and pets!) to play in by eliminating dangling or loose cords. There are many reasons why motorized window coverings are the best child-friendly choice for playrooms, family rooms or children's bedrooms, but some of the best are:
● Motorized window treatments offer many benefits, including improved safety, privacy and UV protection.● You can choose from different control options - from smart home integration to battery-operated hand-held remotes.● Motorized blinds and shades help to create a safe indoor environment for children and pets by eliminating cords.● Increase energy efficiency by programming window coverings to adjust automatically with rising daytime temperatures.
If you are looking for child-safe window treatments that are also beautiful and elegant, motorized window coverings are the way to go! 
The Blinds Collective Design Studio Can Help with Child Safe Window Treatments.
We know that, as parents, your child's safety is a top priority! You can count on The Blinds Collective Design Studio for child-safe window treatments for any room in your home! At The Blinds Collective Design Studio, we are committed to providing customized service to our clients and understanding our customers' needs. We will work with you to find window treatments that fit your unique taste, budget and lifestyle. Whether you need window treatments for your whole home or just one or two rooms, we can help! Contact us today for a free consultation!

October 24, 2022


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