April 17, 2023

The Good Dog Treats: Robin's Story


Robin was born and raised in Saskatchewan, grew up on a large dairy farm operation and has had a lifelong love of animals and, in particular, dogs.
After graduating in 1980, she moved to Regina and worked at the Regina Police Service and at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building before marrying in 1987.
As life sometimes goes after leaving an unhealthy situation, she became a single mom with three sons under the age of 5 in the early 90s and, looking to find quick employment began working as a server, with the intention of moving on to something more “meaningful” when her boys were a little older. She grew to love the customer service aspect of her job and the connections she made with people on a daily basis.
Needing and wanting a change after many years in the industry, Robin looked into careers in massage therapy and real estate sales and was also interested in becoming a funeral director, knowing she wanted to help and serve people.
During this time, she lost her last, best doggo Sugar, to cancer and started doing research into commercially made dog treats and food. It soon became clear why over recent years, so many dogs have become needlessly sick and dying from terrible diseases, including cancer.
Learning about the harmful preservatives, additives and fillers that are used to serve the commercial pet food industry and not the good health of dogs was astonishing, as was learning exactly how highly processed commercial pet food is produced.
Being kind, compassionate, empathetic and having a lifelong connection with animals, she realized she could have the best of both worlds, still serving customers by doing something good for their dogs.
She received a certificate in pet food nutrition while knowing that good health and happiness come from the inside and that what we put in our bodies matters, and the same goes for our pets.
She realized that with some hard work, a much healthier dog treat and food option could be made available for dog parents looking to provide their good dogs with treats and food made from only high-quality, healthy, human-grade ingredients.
Robin started The Good Dog Treats and is committed to providing a healthier treat and food option for every dog parent that wants it, with the highest degree of customer service and satisfaction, offering local and online offering healthier alternatives to conventional pet stores.
Peace, Love, Happiness & DogsRobin Johanson, Certified in Pet Nutrition
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Only Human Grade Ingredients!

The Good Dog Treats is committed to providing the best nutrition to dogs, and they ensure that by using only the freshest human-grade ingredients in their small batch dog food and treats. The ingredients they use are free from harmful preservatives, additives, or fillers commonly found in commercial pet food. Using fresh, whole foods, The Good Dog Treats provides dogs with a wholesome, nutritious diet that helps promote optimal health and well-being.
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Visit The Good Dog Treats website to view their products and place an order! Your dog will thank you!
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The Good Dog Treats

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